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Display Choreography is defined as the art of firing specific pyrotechnic events in synchronization with a musical score. The process is quite complex, since aerial effects must be fired in advance of the actual “event” (i.e., to get an aerial shell to burst in time with a specific beat of the music, it must be launched anywhere from 3 to 12 seconds ahead of time, depending upon its size). The script for a fireworks display may involve thousands of such events, requiring the latest in technology and skill to provide a flawless performance.

Hawaii Explosives & Pyrotechnics, Inc. is equipped with the most advanced display scripting software, choreography and firing equipment, the industry has to offer. We take pride in producing creative and spectacular displays tailored to our clients’ musical desires.

The fundamental piece of any choreographed display is the musical score. Using our own in-house recording studio allows us to select and edit music tailored to the theme of your event. Using computer technology, our specialists then work to design and place the most appropriate pyrotechnic events for the specific site to infuse action, drama, and humor into the display. The display operators then use their skill and expertise to layout and fire the show to the exacting standards that a choreographed display requires.

Our display technicians will work with your audio engineers in advance to determine the most appropriate method of display music broadcast and the equipment needed for the smooth operation of cue transmittal from the sound booth to the operator.

The transmission of display firing cues will be accomplished in the most practical form with the use of either a hard wire or cellular phone relay system. The mode of display music broadcast will be based on available equipment. We are very versatile and can utilize a CD player, a 4-track cassette player, or a DAT machine, which interfaces directly with your on-site audio system to provide the actual music for the display.

It is no secret that music evokes emotion and that fireworks can leave a crowd in awe. Together, these two forms of expression can produce an effect that is truly inspiring. We invite you then to let us stage a choreographed production that will leave you with a memory that will last a lifetime.

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