The true art of pyrotechnic display design is the dynamic of matching a client’s budget to the safety considerations of a particular site. Our wealth of experience performing thousands of displays in countless locations throughout the State of Hawaii and the Pacific gives us a natural edge in ensuring the display performed will be the most effective possible. Chances are good if your production is located at one of the many resorts, parks, convention halls or theme parks in the area, we have already performed a pyrotechnic display there previously. Below are summarized the processes we will undertake to create the most effective and appropriate display for your event. Links to our glossary are provided to assist you with any of the technical terminology used. Please feel free to browse our ideas section to consider some possibilities you may have not even thought of. As always, if you can’t find the answer to your question, or have an idea of your own, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The first step in designing a display is assessing the production site. If we have done a display there before, this is an easy process. If not, we will schedule a site assessment and inspection at the earliest possible time to determine what is possible. The most important factor in this process is safety. We will need to ensure we can establish an appropriate safety zone around the fireworks to protect the public and property from any hazards.

Once we have established what we can do, the next step is to determine the most appropriate effects to utilize. We will take into consideration many factors including maximizing visibility and effectiveness of the display, the intended result, the overall theme of the production, and the production budget. Given the wide range of pyrotechnic effects available and at our disposal, the possibilities are many. Our designers will work closely with your production team to ensure the most flawless execution and greatest impact possible.

By this time, we will be able to determine whether the most appropriate solution for your event will be to utilize traditional Outdoor Aerial Effects, Close Proximity Effects, or Stage and Special effects. Please browse the following sections on these three types of devices to find out more about of each. It is also possible--and even common--to employ aspects of all three types to create an event that integrates fully with your function and is truly breathtaking in scope. For even more impact, each type can be choreographed to a musical selection of your choice to ensure precisely synchronized timing of each and every effect used. The sheer scope of pyrotechnic options available and at your disposal means the sky is truly the limit to your event.

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