Technical Specifications

Electronic Display Firing System

Our company utilizes a number of different electronic firing systems, allowing us to select the most appropriate system for the type of display and budget. Our pyrotechnic operators are fully trained in the use of the various systems from electronic switchboards to the top-of-the-line computer-automated firing panel.

· All of our displays are fired electrically.

This ensures not only the best in design and performance, but also provides the extra margin of safety that we feel all professional pyrotechnicians should utilize.

Our primary firing systems are the “Pyrodigital” and “Pyromate”, self-contained commercially manufactured systems. Each provides us with the latest in design and safety features, including:

  • » Computerized, fully-automated pre-programmed firing unit
  • » Digital format for precise synchronization of “simulcast” events
  • » Many backup capabilities for almost any contingency
  • » Modular type layout
  • » 24 VDC rechargeable power
  • » Parallel and Serial wiring capabilities
  • » Built in Circuit Continuity Testing exceeding NFPA standards for no-fire currents
  • » Shunting capabilities to minimize accidental ignition from RF and static
  • » Key operated arming protection

The Pyrodigital and Pyromate firing systems have been inspected and approved for display use by Fire Marshals across the United States.


Pyrotechnic Devices

A great deal of our time and energy is spent researching the latest and most reliable effects the industry has to offer. Our staff regularly attends numerous conventions throughout the year to discover the most exciting and awe-inspiring pyrotechnics to utilize on our displays. In addition, a personal relationship with our manufacturers allows us to custom-design effects to suit our stringent performance standards. Please browse our glossary to learn more about the types of effects we use, or view our gallery to see examples.

The bulk of our pyrotechnics are manufactured in China, where fireworks originated and have been in production for hundreds of years. The master chemists have passed down their secrets for generations, all the while finding new compositions to refine thier perfomance. Each year we attend a exhibition of their latest creations to discover the most exciting developments in pyrotechnic science and to share new design ideas.

In addition, we also use manufacturers based in the United States, Japan, and Europe. Most of the close proximity devices, stage and special effects are manufactured in U.S. facilities using the latest equipent and techniques to ensure the utmost in performance and reliability. Our goal is to bring together the best products the pyrotechnic world has to offer in a creation that is truly one to behold.


Choreography Specifications

The fundamental piece of any choreographed display is the musical score. Using our own in-house recording studio allows us to select and edit music tailored to the theme of your event. Using computer technology, our specialists then work to design and place the most appropriate pyrotechnic events for the specific site to infuse action, drama, and humor into the display. The display operators then use their skill and expertise to layout and fire the show to the exacting standards that a choreographed display requires.

The on-site equipment our display choreography requires is as follows:
Audio equipment. Our studio can produce a soundtrack digitally using the CD format or analog utilizing a four track cassette tape.
Broadcast System. The CD player or Four Track deck will interface directly with the on-site P/A system and will be located beside the stage audio engineer’s mixer panel. This allows a direct uplink to a local radio station if desired.
Transmission System. The transmission of the cue track to the display operator can be facilitated in several ways. Most common is the “hardwire”, consisting of an audio cable being run to the display firing site. If this is not viable, a wireless communication system can be utilized. Other wireless methods of transmission serve as backup systems.

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